45 Pct of Japanese Nationals Living Abroad Feel Alone: Survey


Tokyo, June 3 (Jiji Press)--Almost 45 pct of Japanese nationals living abroad feel lonely, a Foreign Ministry survey showed Monday.

According to the first-ever survey by the ministry on the loneliness of such Japanese people, conducted in October-December last year, 44.9 pct of respondents said they felt alone.

The overseas loneliness rate is 5.6 percentage points higher than the domestic rate shown by a Cabinet Secretariat study in fiscal 2023 through last March.

The ministry survey found that a sense of loneliness was felt "always or usually" by 6.9 pct of respondents, "often" by 12.7 pct and "occasionally" by 25.3 pct. On the other hand, 34.7 pct "rarely" had such a feeling and 18.5 pct "never" did so.

By region, Western Europe had the largest proportion of Japanese people feeling alone, at 48.0 pct, followed by South America, at 46.4 pct, and North America, at 45.3 pct. The lowest loneliness rate was 39.0 pct, provided by residents in Africa.

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