Publisher Raps Nippon TV over “Sexy Tanaka-san” Adaptation

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Tokyo, June 4 (Jiji Press)--The publisher of manga series “Sexy Tanaka-san” has criticized Nippon Television Network Corp. for its alleged “insincere” attitude over the television drama adaptation of the manga.

A special investigation team at Shogakukan Inc. released a report Monday following the death of the manga’s author, Hinako Ashihara, in January.

The report said that Nippon TV may have failed to relay to the scriptwriter of the drama series Ashihara’s request that the TV adaptation, aired between October and December last year, stay true to the original manga series.

It noted that the Nippon TV side had taken an “insincere” attitude over script revisions.

Growing increasingly distrustful of the scriptwriter through her interactions with the Nippon TV side via Shogakukan, Ashihara wrote the scripts for the last two episodes of the drama series herself.

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