Female Share of Japan Govt Job Spring Hires Hits Record High

Tokyo, June 7 (Jiji Press)--The share of females among Japanese national public servants hired as of the April 1 start of fiscal 2024 hit a record high for the sixth straight year, standing at 39.2 pct, the Cabinet Bureau of Personnel Affairs said Friday.

The proportion rose 0.5 percentage point from the last fiscal year. The share hit the government's target figure of 35 pct or more for hires of female government workers.

The total number of people who were hired for central government ministries and agencies as of April 1 was 8,997, and 3,528 of them were female.

The share of females among those hired for job positions for research or drawing up new policies, viewed as career paths that can lead to executive posts, was 35.7 pct.

For technical positions in fields such as digital and engineering, the figure stood at 28.5 pct including those in positions for work on policy follow-ups and enforcement.

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