Japan to Discuss Public Insurance Coverage of Childbirth


Tokyo, June 8 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government is set to start full-fledged discussions as early as this month on the idea of extending public health insurance coverage to include childbirth from fiscal 2026.

The government will also consider setting a uniform price for delivery support and related services at hospitals and other facilities, in a bid to curb rising childbirth expenses as part of measures to tackle Japan's declining birthrate.

In its strategy for children's future adopted at a cabinet meeting at the end of 2023, the government said it would consider covering childbirth costs with public medical insurance.

The current coverage does not extend to childbirth costs in general, while there is a handful of exceptions including cesarean section costs.

The health ministry and the Children and Families Agency are slated to establish a panel of experts as early as June to discuss insurance coverage of childbirth and other related issues.

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