Russian Attacks Affecting Ukrainians Studying Japanese


Kyiv, June 8 (Jiji Press)--Russia's full-scale military aggression against Ukraine, deep into its third year, is adversely affecting students learning Japanese by causing blackouts.

"Power outages at night stop us from studying Japanese," a 15-year-old high school girl of Kyiv Gymnasium of Oriental Languages #1 said in Japanese on Friday.

The gymnasium is an institution that integrates elementary to high school education, specializing in teaching languages in Asia and the Middle East. Of about 1,000 students, 300 study Japanese. The student also said, "I enjoy Japanese literature, and I like works by Haruki Murakami."

In Kyiv, rolling blackouts are implemented due to serious power shortages caused by intensifying Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian power plants.

The student is studying difficult "kanji" characters as she hopes to travel to Japan someday. But she has to stop studying during blackouts.

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