U.S. Official Cautious on Putin's Possible N. Korea Visit


Washington, June 10 (Jiji Press)--A U.S. State Department official expressed a cautious stance on Monday regarding the possible expansion of military cooperation between Moscow and Pyongyang, referring to media reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin may visit North Korea as early as this month.

"We'll have to watch and see what happens if he does go, and what comes out of it," the official told reporters.

Pointing out that U.N. Security Council resolutions banning arms deals with North Korea are "still in effect," the official called on all countries, including Russia, to honor their "international obligations and commitments" regarding the totalitarian state's illegal development of weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles.

The official also said it is "very frustrating" that Pyongyang is "trying hard to ratchet up tensions" by, among others, test firing missiles and sending trash balloons to South Korea.

While praising Seoul for "handling this well" in close coordination with Washington, the official noted, "We're going to continue to monitor the situation very closely."

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