Kishida to Apologize Directly to Forced Sterilization Victims


Tokyo, July 3 (Jiji Press)--Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida expressed his willingness Wednesday to meet with and apologize to victims of forced sterilization under the now-defunct eugenics law.

After the Supreme Court the same day issued a ruling fully in favor of plaintiffs in damages lawsuits against the government over sterilizations they were forced to undergo under the law, Kishida told reporters that the acts are "a violation of human rights that tramples on people's dignity and should not be allowed." The top court's Grand Bench also found the old law unconstitutional.

"From the position of executor of law, I sincerely regret this and apologize from my heart," he went on to say.

Asked if he will meet with the plaintiffs, Kishida noted, "I'd like to hear their difficult experiences and thoughts, and to directly convey words of remorse and apology."

Kishida made it clear that his government will pay damages promptly to the plaintiffs and swiftly consider new ways to give broad compensation to sterilization victims, pointing out that victims have suffered for a long time and that they are getting older and older.

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