Local Sake of Hyogo Becomes Champion at Int'l Fair


London, July 9 (Jiji Press)--"Miyakobijin Taiyou," a sake locally brewed in the western Japan prefecture of Hyogo, gained a sake champion status at a renowned international competition in London on Tuesday.

The "junmai ginjo" sake, made with the only ingredients of polished rice, yeast and water, won this year's Champion Sake trophy at the sake division of International Wine Challenge, one of the world's biggest events of blind tasting boards.

The sake has "aromas of musk melon, strawberries, hints of nuttiness, almond spice with an exquisitely integrated acidity on the palate, complete with aniseed and white asparagus notes," according to tasting notes.

Miyakobijin Shuzo Co. of Hyogo's Minamiawaji is the brewery of Miyakobijin Taiyou, the first local sake of Hyogo that won the IWC prize.

Osamu Ie, a master brewer at the brewery, said, "I'll be happy if this will be an opportunity for our sake to be tasted around the world."

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