International Talks on Bluefin Tuna Catches Begin in Japan


Tokyo, July 10 (Jiji Press)--International talks on Pacific bluefin tuna catches began in the city of Kushiro in the northernmost Japan prefecture of Hokkaido on Wednesday, with Japan calling for catch quotas to be drastically increased in light of recovering stocks.

Japan is seeking a 2.31-fold increase in the annual quota in the central and western Pacific for large bluefin tuna weighing 30 kilograms or more, and a 30 pct increase in that for smaller fish.

In a video message to the talks, Japanese fisheries minister Tetsushi Sakamoto said, "It is necessary to increase the quotas to reflect the current situation of tuna stocks."

Currently, the annual quota for large tuna is 7,609 tons, with 5,614 tons allocated to Japan, and that for smaller tuna is 4,725 tons, with 4,007 tons to Japan.

Bluefin tuna is popular in Japan, including as a luxury sushi topping. According to a survey by the Fisheries Agency in 2022, the average wholesale price of refrigerated bluefin tuna was 2,700 yen per kilogram, higher than about 1,700 yen for bigeye tuna and about 500 yen for albacore tuna.

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