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Explaining the Paralympics: Cycling

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There are two categories of cycling, indoor track and outdoor road, with multiple events in each one. The rules are basically the same as for the Olympics, with minimum adjustments allowed to accommodate degree of impairment. Athletes are divided into four basic classes—C for impairments of limb and trunk, H for lower limb impairment, T for high-level trunk impairment (cerebral palsy), and B for visual impairment—that are further subdivided according to the degree of impairment. The bicycles used differ for each class, with regular racing bicycles for class C, handcycles for class H, tricycles for class T, and tandem cycles for two for class B. In the last, a sighted “pilot” rides in the front seat. There will be 50 events for this sport, just as there were for the previous Rio de Janerio Paralympics.

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