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Explaining the Paralympics: Shooting

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Open to athletes with physical impairments, the shooting sport features rifle and pistol events where competitors aim at a ringed target from a set distance. Athletes shoot a set number of shots continuously within a certain time frame and the winner is decided according to total accurate hits. There are three different sport classes for shooting, based on whether the athlete is able to hold the gun with their arms: SH1 Pistol and SH1 Rifle where they hold the gun with their arms, and SH2 Rifle where they are unable, so use a stand.

In rifle events, the distance to the target is either 10 meters or 50 meters. In pistol events, the targets are at a set distance of 10 meters, 25 meters, or 50 meters. Depending on the event, athletes shoot from a standing, kneeling, or prone position. There is no kneeling-only event: kneeling is included in the three positions event.

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