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Explaining the Paralympics: Wheelchair Rugby

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A mixed-gender team sport played on a basketball-sized court. Teams consist of 12 players, with 4 on the court at a time. Wheelchair rugby uses a modified round ball, which the athletes may carry in their laps. Players earn 1 point when the front wheels of their chair cross the try line. Competition is open to athletes with impairments to any their limbs. Players are assigned a point value according to functional ability, from 0.5 for the least physical function up to 3.5. During play, the total on-court value for each team of 4 may not exceed 8 points. Teams receive a 0.5-point allowance for each female player. It is the only wheelchair sport that allows tackles. Matches consist of four 8-minute quarters. Rules similar to basketball apply: For example, a team has just 40 seconds to score a try from the time it gains possession. Players can pass the ball in any direction but they must dribble or pass to another player at least once every 10 seconds. Offensive and defensive wheelchairs are constructed differently.

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