Privacy Policy

1. Overview

The Nippon Communications Foundation (NCF), as the operator of this website (, collects certain personal information from the users of the website for purposes of the operation of the site and its related services. is not operated for profit, and the collected information is used responsibly within the limits described in this Privacy Policy.

2.  Personal Information

For the purposes of and its related services, “personal information” includes names, email addresses, geolocation data, IP addresses, and cookie data provided by users.

3.  Cookies uses cookies—small files sent from the website server to the computer of a user. These files are used to inform the website server of previous activity on the website during future visits by the user, thus allowing personally tailored provision of data and services for that specific user.

Users have the ability to change their browser settings to deny the acceptance of cookies, and to delete cookies stored on their own devices. Users should be aware that this may result in improper display of portions of the content of the website or the inability to make use of all of the website’s functions.

4.  Personal Information Collected by

4.1. Personal information provided voluntarily by users

The following personal information may be received by and retained for limited periods of time for use in providing website data and other services.

  • Email addresses for delivery of newsletters
  • User profile data used for focused creation of newsletter content (available in Japanese only)
  • Names and email addresses provided by users of the site’s contact forms
  • Names, email addresses, personal backgrounds, and other information provided by applicants for and participants in NCF seminars or other events
  • Names, email addresses, personal backgrounds, and other information provided by applicants for work opportunities at the NCF

4.2. Personal information collected automatically during site visits

This site and third-party services used by the site automatically collect and retain the following personal information for limited periods of time. This personal information will not be used to identify or specify any individual user of the site.

  • IP addresses of user devices
  • Types of user devices
  • Web browser and OS information
  • Addresses of sites visited by users immediately prior to and after viewing
  • Records of user actions while viewing
  • Information gathered via cookies, web beacons, or other similar tools

5.  Purposes of Use of Personal Information makes use of the collected personal information via the third-party services listed in the table below in order to offer a more convenient browsing experience to users of the website, as well as to improve the site’s performance and to plan future content for the site. These third-party services may collect and retain personal information.

Specifically, uses personal information for the following purposes:

  • Analysis and collation of statistics on site users
  • Personalization of content
  • Targeted advertising of content
  • Distribution of digital newsletters
  • Responses to site comments and queries
  • Handling of applications to take part in seminars and other events
  • Handling of applications for work opportunities

The table displays the third-party services used by, the purposes for their use, and details on those services’ privacy policies. Some of these services are not used for all the language editions of the website.

Third-party services and privacy policies

Services Privacy policies, other details
User analysis and statistics
Google Analytics

How to opt out:

How to opt out:
(Opting out of this service may cause some of this site’s content to no longer be displayed.)

How to opt out:

How to opt out:
Yahoo Topics
(Service in Japanese only)
(Service in Chinese only)

How to opt out:
(Service in Chinese only)
(Service in Chinese only)
(Service in Chinese only)
(Service in Chinese only)
(Service in Chinese only)
(Service in Chinese only)
Content personalization

How to opt out:
(Opting out of this service may cause some of this site’s content to no longer be displayed.)
Targeted advertising

How to opt out:
Google Adwords

Ad settings:
Newsletter distribution

How to unsubscribe:

6. Handling and Scope of Use of Personal Information

The NCF takes strict precautions in handling the personal information provided by users of Email addresses provided by subscribers to our digital newsletters are kept on record and used only for the purpose for which they were collected. A user’s email address remains on record when that user unsubscribes from the newsletter, but the address will be deleted upon request from that user.

Personal information collected in the course of fielding queries and comments regarding the site, applications for work opportunities, and applications to participate in seminars and other events is used for those specific purposes and deleted once all related tasks are completed.

The operators of this site will not use the personal information for any purposes other than those described in section 5, or share the personal information with third parties, except when the disclosure of said information is required by law or for other particular reason. However, anonymized data produced through processing of this personal data, in the form of site access statistics, may be disclosed.

7. Transfers of Personal Information to Third Countries

For purposes of operation of this website, personal information collected from users may be transferred to and managed in Japan or other jurisdictions outside the European Union. In non-EU countries there may be cases where data rights are not the same as those in the GDPR. user data is handled in accordance with Japanese laws and regulations.

8. Term of Storage of Personal Information will retain site users’ personal information for as long as it is needed to provide services to them. When the personal information is no longer needed for this purpose, it will be deleted promptly.

9. Necessity of Information Provision

The personal information collected from users of is required to provide content and related services to those users. When users choose not to provide this personal information, it may result in an inability to fully provide the content and services.

10. Security Measures for Data Processing and Retention

The operators of implement the measures necessary to appropriately manage the personal information collected from users while preventing it from being improperly disclosed, damaged, or destroyed. obtained an SSL certificate in December 2017 and continues to enhance the security of the site.  

11. Personally Identifying Information and Information Provision

Except for information voluntarily provided by users, does not collect names, birthdates, or any other personally identifying information. We cannot respond to requests to disclose the personal information retained on an individual user, or to change the personal information on our records, due to the difficulty of confirming that the request is coming from the same user.

12. Alteration and Deletion of Personal Information by Users

The Newsletter is distributed to users who have registered an email address to receive it, and users are free to cancel their subscription at any time. When a request comes from the email address used to register for the newsletter service, it is possible to change or to delete the subscribed address.

Unsubscribe from the Newsletter here:

To get an email address removed completely from our records, contact us at from the email account you wish to remove.

With respect to the third-party services used on, refer to section 5 above for details on each service’s privacy policy and methods of opting out of those services. Note that opting out of the Cxense service may result in some content on no longer displaying properly. (Cxense uses technology similar to online advertising to personalize content for each user, so the use of ad-blockers may also prevent proper display of the site’s content.)

13. Scope of Policy

This Privacy Policy applies only to the website and services provided herein.

14. Disclaimer of Liability

The NCF takes every care in creating the content published on, but does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, usability, or safety of the information therein. bears no responsibility for the outcome of any action or decision taken by a user based on the information on the site.

15. Contact Information

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy or its implementation, you can contact the NCF at:

Nippon Communications Foundation
4F, Sasakawa Peace Foundation Bldg.
1-15-16 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001, Japan

16. Changes to This Policy

The NCF will endeavor to appropriately update and improve this Privacy Policy, with respect to the personal information retains, in response to and in compliance with relevant Japanese laws and regulations.