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Josh Grisdale and Accessible Japan: Helping Disabled Visitors Follow Their Travel Dreams

Canadian-born Josh Grisdale has used a wheelchair since he was four years old. For the past decade, he has been living and working in Japan, where he gained citizenship last year. His website Accessible Japan encourages disabled tourists to visit the country by providing information on accessibility and reviews of attractions.

Inns and Outs: Five “Ryokan” in Tokyo

Tokyo, a city known for its high tech and blazing neon, still has traditional inns tucked away in its back streets that can provide travelers with comforts from an older age. A night at one of these establishments is a great way to top off a long day of seeing the sights. Photographer Andō Seita takes us on a tour of five ryokan that offer guests distinct ways to experience the metropolis.

Show Me Your “Bentō”!: Under the Cherry Trees

Each spring, Japanese people hold picnics under the cherry blossoms. Families, friends, and colleagues bring food and beverages from home or the store to share. Nippon.com went to a Tokyo park to find out what the cherry-blossom viewers were eating and drinking.

Asakusa Samba Carnival’s Dance Extravaganza (Video)

The Asakusa Samba Carnival has grown from modest beginnings in 1981 to become one of Asia’s largest summer festivals, attracting 500,000 spectators each year. With about 4,000 participants in 18 teams, the competition is fierce and passionate.                    

Japan’s Top Tourist Destinations

With its skyscrapers and neon, shrines and temples, and mountains and forests, Japan caters to diverse tastes. Here we describe the key places to visit, from the snowy northern island of Hokkaidō to the sunny beaches of Okinawa.

Fake Food Nation: Making Your Own Replica NibblesRichard Medhurst

I will never look at lettuce in the same way again. I had always thought of it as a fairly dull vegetable, there for bulking out a salad, but you get a new appreciation for its beauty when you see one lovingly created from a large, translucent film of wax. The instructor provides guidance to a workshop participant. I was taking part in a workshop at Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya, a shop specializi…

The Sanja Matsuri: Tokyo’s Most Raucous Festival (Video)

Of all Tokyo’s many festivals, none is bigger, brasher, or more raucous than the Sanja Matsuri, which draws more than a million people onto the streets of Asakusa in mid-May every year. More than 100 brightly decorated mikoshi are carried through the narrow streets in a flurry of noise, excitement, and local pride. Let these video clips introduce you to the magic of Tokyo’s wildest street party!

The Sanja Matsuri in Six Key Words

The crowds, the clothes, the colors, the communities . . . We take a look at six of the key elements that make the Sanja Matsuri one of Japan’s biggest and most exciting festivals.

Strolling Around Old Tokyo

The spirit of Edo lives on in the Asakusa district of Tokyo, more than any other part of the city. Asakusa also plays host to many of the latest developments in fashion, cuisine, and culture. This article looks at some of the shops and restaurants that capture the essence of the neighborhood.

The Neighborly Humor of “Sit-Down Comedy”

The centuries-old comic art of rakugo finds humor in the chatter of ordinary people facing everyday life—all told by a lone storyteller. One of the most gifted of these storytellers today is Hayashiya Shōzō. In this interview, he discusses the current rakugo boom and how the art conveys the tough yet kind outlook of Tokyo’s shitamachi districts.

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