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asteroid explorer Hayabusa
Original Vibration Control Leads to a Series of World Firsts

Matsuda R&D is a small company of 10 employees nestled in a corner of Itabashi, Tokyo, that has continuously developed one-of-a-kind products with its original vibration control technology. Leading the way is company president Matsuda Shinji, 70, who got his start at Honda Motor.

Japan’s Space Program Comes of Age

This is a busy time for Japan’s space program. The Japanese astronaut Yui Kimiya arrived at the International Space Station on July 23 for a scheduled stay of about five months; Japan’s space agency is preparing to launch an unmanned transfer craft to carry supplies to the ISS this month; and the nation has recently adopted a basic plan that provides for greatly expanded activity in space. Nippon.com takes a look at these and other Japanese happenings beyond Earth.

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