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Cheap Imports Boost Japan’s Beef Supply

Demand for beef slumped in Japan just after the turn of the century with the outbreak of BSE, but that demand has rebounded in recent years.

The World of “Wagyū”: Aussie Challengers Closest to Perfecting Japanese-Style Beef

The highly marbled meat yielded by Japan’s coddled beef cattle occupies a special place in Japanese cuisine. And the worldwide boom in Japanese dining is spawning a surge in demand for the tender beef. Wagyū (literally “Japanese cattle”) has entered the culinary lexicon in a growing number of nations. The expanding market for wagyū beef has prompted livestock growers in Australia to emulate the pr…

The Local Flavors of Popular Railway Box Meals

Ekiben are box meals made with ingredients and packages particular to a certain train station, railway line, or region. Thousands of varieties are sold across Japan. Eating ekiben is part of the fun of railway travel. Here we look at the five most popular ekiben in Japan.

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