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Five Patients Sought to Receive Donor Transplants of iPS Cells (News)

Kobe, Feb. 6 (Jiji Press)—The Riken Center for Developmental Biology and others said Monday that they have started soliciting five patients who want to join clinical research for transplants of retina cells created from induced pluripotent stem, or iPS, cells made from another person's cells. A team led by Takahashi Masayo of the CDB plans to carry out a transplant for the first patient in the …

The Promise of Regenerative MedicineTsukasaki Asako

In August 2006 Professor Yamanaka Shin’ya of Kyoto University published a paper reporting his success in producing induced pluripotent stem cells, and in a 2014 clinical study, tissue derived from iPS cells was transplanted to a patient for the first time. While a host of challenges must be overcome, the promise of regenerative therapies appears to be coming within reach.

The Great STAP Cell CommotionTakeda Tōru

The uproar over the STAP cell papers and the doubts raised about their authenticity goes beyond science, offering an insight into the current state of Japanese society. Media sociologist Takeda Tōru describes Riken’s attempts to use public relations techniques to boost interest in its results and how this plan backfired.

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