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Some of Japan’s Longstanding Companies Have Been in Business for Centuries

A survey conducted by a private research firm shows that 3,343 businesses in Japan have a history that dates back 150 years or more. Prevalent among these firms are sake brewers, traditional inns, and kimono and fabric retailers.

Japanese Television’s Contribution to TourismUchiyama Takashi

Japanese television shows are increasingly being aired overseas, including traditional over-the-air broadcasts and online distribution services. This growth in Japanese-made programing has helped build interest in Japan in foreign countries and is playing a role in Japan’s ongoing tourism boom.

Sharing Economy Booming in Japan as Customer-to-Customer Market Grows to ¥1 Trillion

The soaring popularity of flea market applications like Mercari has seen online trade between individuals grow into a ¥1 trillion market.

Hitachi’s Nakanishi New Keidanren Chair

Hitachi chairman Nakanishi Hiroaki has been appointed the fourteenth chair of Keidanren, which represents the interests of Japanese industry.

Japan’s Corporate Backseat DriversMori Kazuo

It has been common in Japan for retired executives to remain at their companies in loosely defined advisory roles. And some continue to exert influence on management. This distinctively Japanese practice is now under critical scrutiny.

Japanese Wine Meets Big Data

Japanese wines are now holding their own against inexpensive imports in supermarkets as consumers find growing appeal in knowing about and identifying with the stories of producers close to home. Big data is increasingly being used to help in the field of viniculture. We visited Yamanashi and Nagano Prefectures at harvest time to learn more.

Rakuten Takes On Japan’s Big Three Mobile Phone OperatorsMachida Tetsu

Rakuten, which operates the budget mobile phone company Rakuten Mobile, has announced plans to transition from a mobile virtual network operator to a mobile network operator. How successful will President Mikitani Hiroshi be in taking on the cooperative oligopoly of the “big three” operators? The author examines Rakuten’s potentially rocky path forward in entering the MNO market.

Manufacturing Problem Suspected as Cause of Shinkansen Crack (News)

Osaka, Feb. 28 (Jiji Press)--Inappropriate manufacturing work is the suspected cause of a crack found in the undercarriage of a Shinkansen bullet train during its operation last December, West Japan Railway Co. said Wednesday. Undercarriage maker Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. shaved the surface of undercarriage frames at some spots during the manufacturing process. On these spots, the steel wa…

Rakuten Files for Frequency Band Allocation (News)

Tokyo, Feb. 26 (Jiji Press)—Rakuten Inc. has applied for frequency band allocation from the Japanese communications ministry to start mobile phone service, company officials said Monday. If approved, the major Japanese cybermall operator will start fourth-generation wireless service using its own communications infrastructure at the end of 2019. The company aims to attract subscribers by lin…

NTT Docomo Targets 5G GoldMachida Tetsu

The race has begun among the world’s telecommunications companies to be the first to launch a fifth-generation mobile wireless service. Among the contenders is NTT Docomo, Japan’s largest mobile phone operator. The transition to 5G has the potential of changing everything from how people watch sports to the automobile sector.

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