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Currencies and the International Order During a Global Power ShiftGyohten Toyoo

Since the global financial crisis of 2007, speculation has been rife that the dollar might be toppled from its position as the world’s key currency. Power is shifting to the emerging economies, and particularly from the United States to China. How will this affect the international order, including the international monetary system? Gyohten Toyoo, an expert with a lifetime’s experience in the world of finance, offers his analysis.

The Importance of Maritime SecurityKawashima Shin

Attention is turning toward the East Asia Summit that will take place in November, with the leaders of the United States and Russia in attendance. Soon after taking office, Japan’s new prime minister Noda Yoshihiko announced that he intended to shelve the government’s East Asian Community initiative. Now he is saying that he will use the East Asia Summit to deliver proposals of his own on maritime…

The Impact of the Xinhai Revolution on Japanese PoliticsSakurai Ryōju

The Xinhai Revolution in China (1911–12) heightened political tensions in Japan, as the government supported the besieged Qing dynasty despite the popular sentiment backing the revolutionaries. Professor Sakurai Ryōju examines the repercussions this historic event had on Japanese politics, particularly with regard to Japan’s policy toward China.

Remembering 1951Taniguchi Tomohiko

Sixty years ago, on September 8, 1951, Prime Minister Yoshida Shigeru delivered an address in San Francisco. Since it is short, let me quote it in full: I am happy that this Japanese-American Security Pact has been concluded this afternoon on the heels of the signing of a Japanese peace treaty this morning. That treaty gives Japan the key for re-entering the community of nations as a sovereign…

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