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When Will the “Postwar” End? Japanese Youth in Search of a FutureFuruichi Noritoshi

Japanese teenagers and young adults are remarkably content with their lives, in spite—or perhaps because—of the uncertain future they face. Sociologist Furuichi Noritoshi makes the case that the nation has betrayed its young people by artificially extending the “postwar” economy instead of adapting to the realities of a post-postwar world.

Japan and South Korea: Time to Build a New RelationshipKimura Kan

In addition to being the seventieth anniversary of the end of World War II, 2015 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the normalization of ties between Japan and South Korea. The half century since 1965 has brought major changes in international relations, and the old bilateral framework is no longer functioning properly. Korea specialist Kimura Kan offers an overview of the problems and some ideas for mending the relationship.

Going Beyond a “Faith-Based” US-Japan AllianceSuzuki Yoshikatsu

The US-Japan security arrangement created by the United States after the end of World War II had two primary aims: to create a bulwark against communism and to prevent the remilitarization of Japan (referred to as keeping the “cap in the bottle”). Sixty years later, with the end of the Cold War between the United States and former Soviet Union, the role of the US-Japan security arrangement changed…

Forging Even Closer Japan-US Ties

Michael Armacost, the US ambassador to Japan around the end of the Cold War nicknamed “Mr. Gaiatsu” (external pressure), talks about the Japan-US partnership in view of the changes in the Asia-Pacific accompanying the rise of China.

Redefining the Japan-US AllianceYamaguchi Noboru

In the early 1990s, many in Japan were questioning the very raison d’être of the Japan-US alliance in the post–Cold War era. Yet by the end of the decade, the bilateral security relationship was on as firm a footing as ever. Defense expert Yamaguchi Noboru reviews and assesses the process by which Japan and the United States adapted their partnership to the challenges of a new era.

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