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Japan’s Cosmetics Exports Hit Record High in 2017 (News)

Tokyo, Feb. 1 (Jiji Press)—Japan's exports of cosmetics, excluding perfume and hair care products, reached ¥294 billion in 2017, hitting a record high for the fifth straight year, Finance Ministry data show. The exports have more than tripled over the past decade, thanks to the increased popularity of high-quality Japan-made cosmetics, mainly pricy skin care products, such as lotions, in other …

Cosmetics in Japan

Japanese cosmetics span new and traditional varieties. The wide choice of beauty products also continues to adapt to meet the evolving needs of users.

Cosmetics Makers Give Grooming Tips to Job-Hunting Young Men (News)

Tokyo, April 10 (Jiji Press)—With job-hunting by university students about to get into full swing, Japanese cosmetics makers are offering young men tips on grooming and how to maintain a good appearance for job interviews. Students at Kindai University's Osaka campus take part in a December 21, 2016, Mandom-sponsored seminar on personal grooming for job-seekers. (© Jiji) The companies hope …

Nail Salons in Japan

Japan’s nail salons are popular with international visitors who wish to experience local styles. Nail art in Japan, more flamboyant than in the West, can include 3D decorations and anime characters in the design.

The Fair Face of Japanese Beauty

The old Japanese saying, “a fair complexion hides seven flaws,” attests to the high regard the Japanese have for a light skin tone. Even today, amid the ebb and tide of makeup trends both domestic and foreign, women continue to pursue a pale ideal of beauty. This article looks at the origins and evolution of conceptions of skin beauty in Japan.

Fujifilm Finds New Life in Cosmetics

Fujifilm has launched a new line of cosmetics developed using the company’s film-related technologies. Cosmetics and film may seem like unrelated industries, but Fujifilm found a way to tap into a surprising synergy between them.

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