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When Will the “Postwar” End? Japanese Youth in Search of a FutureFuruichi Noritoshi

Japanese teenagers and young adults are remarkably content with their lives, in spite—or perhaps because—of the uncertain future they face. Sociologist Furuichi Noritoshi makes the case that the nation has betrayed its young people by artificially extending the “postwar” economy instead of adapting to the realities of a post-postwar world.

Japan’s Role in a Changing World

The world is undergoing a major realignment now, as China rises and the relative influence of the United States wanes. How should Japan and its business community respond to the challenges of this new era? Kobayashi Yōtarō, former chairman of Fuji Xerox, offers his insights and advice.

The Tasks Ahead for Noda and the DPJTakenaka Harukata

On September 21 the Democratic Party of Japan held its presidential election. Noda Yoshihiko, the current prime minister, handily won reelection to hang on to the top spot. The task before him now is to tackle a raft of domestic and foreign policy issues while keeping an eye on the calendar to choose the best time to hold the next general election. In this column I look mainly at the domestic iss…

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