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Survey Finds Record Number of “Sexless” Married Couples in Japan

A 2016 survey by the Japan Family Planning Association found that the percentage of “sexless” married people, who have not had sexual intercourse for at least a month, reached its highest level, at 47.2%. This is a 2.6-point increase over the previous survey, conducted in 2014, and 15.3 points higher than the first such survey, carried out in 2004.

Japan’s “Nursing Murders”Yuhara Etsuko

The overbearing pressures of nursing an elderly family member have been driving an alarming number of caregivers to take the life of those in their care. Welfare expert Yuhara Etsuko analyzes the motives for these tragic crimes and points out that greater support for often socially isolated caregivers is an urgent priority.

People in Twenties Less Marriage-Minded in Japan (News)

Tokyo, Nov. 2 (Jiji Press)—The shares of people in their twenties who hope to marry and have a child have declined, according to a recent National Institution for Youth Education survey. “The issues of economic disparity and poverty seem to dampen” young people's interest in making new families, said Yoichi Akashi, director of the institution's Research Center for Youth Education. The instituti…

Convenience Stores Going to Customers’ Doors: New Food Delivery Services Targeting Seniors

Seven-Eleven and other major Japanese convenience store chains are entering the food delivery market. By distributing products directly to customers, Seven-Meal Service is aiming to reach the elderly and other “shopping refugees” who cannot easily get to convenience stores.

Graying Japan to Face Unprecedented Challenges

Japan is seeing its population age faster than any other country in the world. Projections indicate that by 2060 there will be just 1.3 workers for every senior citizen, increasing the burden on the working-age population. This article traces the figures behind the graying of Japan.

A Growing Demographic: The Isolated and Non-employedGenda Yūji

Despite indications that Japan may finally be heading for an economic recovery, one serious malady continues to afflict the country: a rapidly increasing population of unmarried and unemployed people aged 20 to 59. Professor Genda Yūji of the University of Tokyo’s Institute of Social Science, who introduced the concept of the “Solitary Non-Employed Person,” sounds the alarm.

The Changing Face of Decentralization MovesHitora Tadashi

With the Liberal Democratic Party’s emphatic victory in the December 2012 lower house election, it looks as though there will be substantial changes to the way that administrative reform to decentralize power in Japan is implemented from here on out. There is a good chance that the discussion will pivot away from talk of expanding the powers of the current prefectures and municipalities, turnin…

Guaranteeing the Right to Work Until 65Yoshida Hiroshi

During the current ordinary session of the Diet, the government plans to submit an amendment to the Law Concerning Stabilization of Employment of Older Persons. In April 2013, the age at which men become eligible to receive the state pension will increase from 60 to 61. If the mandatory retirement age remains at 60, as it is in many companies today, large numbers of older people will be left witho…

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