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972 Disabled People Faced Workplace Abuse in Japan in FY 2016 (News)

Tokyo, July 26 (Jiji Press)—The number of people with disabilities who were abused at their workplaces in Japan came to 972 in fiscal 2016, down 151, or 13.4%, from the preceding year, a government survey showed Wednesday. Of the total, people with intellectual disabilities accounted for 53%, those with mental disorders 24%, and those with physical disabilities 21%, according to the Health, Lab…

2020 Olympic Golf Course to End Sex Discrimination (News)

Tokyo, March 20 (Jiji Press)—Executive board members of the operator of a golf course to be used in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics decided at an extraordinary meeting Monday to admit women as official members. The decision to change the member admission rules was decided after the course operator, Kasumigaseki Country Club, held meetings with existing members on the matter three times. In the first…

Tokyo Olympic Golf Course Urged to End Discrimination against Women (News)

Tokyo, Feb. 2 (Jiji Press)—On Thursday, the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic organizing committee urged the operator of a golf course set to host events in the 2020 Games to revise its discriminatory membership policy against women. The committee sent Kimura Kiichi, president of Kasumigaseki Country Club in the city of Kawagoe near the capital, a letter calling on the golf club to change its rules …

Japanese Women Face Tough Reality in Work and MarriageKawaguchi Akira

Despite much-trumpeted policies aiming to encourage female participation in the workforce, Japanese women must contend with both an economic gender gap and the gap between their aspirations and the reality for careers and marriage. Gender studies specialist Kawaguchi Akira assembles a range of data to analyze the situation for women in Japan today.

Okinawan Identity and the Struggle for Self-DeterminationShimabukuro Jun

Since Onaga Takeshi’s successful campaign for governorship of Okinawa last fall, “Okinawan identity” has emerged as a rallying cry for unified opposition to plans for a replacement facility for US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma inside Okinawa Prefecture. Okinawan political scientist and activist Shimabukuro Jun explores the meaning of Okinawan identity in a historical context, focusing on the postwar experience of “structural discrimination.”

Leprosy as a Human Rights Issue

On January 27, a ceremony was held in Tokyo to announce the 2015 Global Appeal to End Stigma and Discrimination against People Affected by Leprosy. Prime Minister Abe Shinzō and other dignitaries pledged their support for the struggle against leprosy-related discrimination.

The Sexist Abuse That Threatens to Shake the NationMamiya Jun

Recently the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly was the scene of a sexist heckling incident that has since blown up into a major political flap on a national scale. On June 18, Your Party assembly member Shiomura Ayaka was presenting questions to Tokyo Governor Masuzoe Yōichi. When she touched on the need for the metropolitan government to craft policy addressing women’s concerns, including infertility t…

Japanese Efforts Continue to End Discrimination Against Leprosy

The global campaign to eliminate leprosy has made great progress, but prejudice against those affected by the disease persists. Sasakawa Yōhei, the chairman of the Nippon Foundation, has recently called attention to discriminatory statements and depictions regarding the disease.

Leprosy: The Fight to End Legal DiscriminationPaul Melly

Leprosy victims still face legal barriers to travel, education, and employment. In some cases, discrimination makes it impossible for people to marry and raise a family. The Nippon Foundation and the International Bar Association recently launched an international campaign to get rid of these unfair laws. Paul Melly reports.

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