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domestic violence
Only a Fraction of Domestic Violence Victims Contact the Police

The number of consultations with the police from nationwide victims of domestic violence in 2017 was 72,455, setting a new record for Japan. A survey from the Cabinet Office reveals, however, that only 2.2% of those who are subjected to spousal violence actually contact and consult with the police.  

A Savior in the Night CityTachibana Jun

Young women forced to run away from home to escape abuse, bullying, poverty, and a host of other problems now drift through the nighttime entertainment districts of Japan’s capital. What is most needed to rescue these vulnerable girls, who have fallen through the safety net of Japan’s social welfare system?

28 Children Unaccounted for in Japan (News)

Tokyo, June 29 (Jiji Press)--The number of 17-year-old and younger people who were unaccounted for in Japan as of June 1 stood at 28, up from 25 about a year before, a survey by the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry showed Thursday. Relevant local governments are accelerating efforts to confirm the whereabouts of the missing children in cooperation with police and child consultation centers. …

Japan’s Crisis of Missing and Abused ChildrenIshikawa Yūki

As Japan grapples with the social implications of its desperately low birthrate, the welfare of children is also in jeopardy. Of note is a sharp increase in child abuse. In 2014, child guidance offices reported providing support in approximately 89,000 cases nationwide, a startling 80-fold increase from 1990 when figures were initially compiled. But even as the issue garners greater media attentio…

The Plight of Japan’s Single MothersAkaishi Chieko

The number of single mothers in Japan is on the rise, and half of all fatherless families fall below the poverty line. Akaishi Chieko shines a light on a segment of Japanese society in which the old problem of gender discrimination converges with the new problem of growing poverty and income inequality.

Kawasaki Youth’s Murder Exposes Japan’s Social and Policy Failings in Coping with ImmigrationSugiyama Haru

The brutal murder of a junior high school student in Kawasaki stunned Japan. As more information came to light about the victim and his alleged assailants, it revealed profound rifts in the fabric of Japanese society. This incident has cast a glaring light on shortcomings in Japan’s capacity for adequately dealing with the issues of single-parent households, poverty, and immigration.

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