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Stalking—and Saving—the Wild Eel: An Interview with Marine Biologist Tsukamoto Katsumi

Tsukamoto Katsumi has devoted most of his long career to the study of the Japanese eel and its spawning behavior. Now, with overfishing and other pressures threatening populations of freshwater eel worldwide, Tsukamoto has joined forces with colleagues from China, South Korea, and Taiwan in a race to unlock the secrets of these mysterious—and famously tasty—migratory fish and rescue them from extinction.

The Endangered Appeal of Japanese Eel

The number of Japanese eels has been dropping steadily, leading to rising prices. Roswell Hosoki, creator of a manga series on eel cuisine, shares his thoughts on this problem, while also explaining more about the culinary charms of eel.

Eels: Mass Consumption Threatens the Future of a Favorite Japanese FoodIda Tetsuji

While Japanese consumers feast on cheap imported eels, stocks of the fish are shrinking fast. It is up to Japan to take proper measures to conserve this resource.

The Local Flavors of Popular Railway Box Meals

Ekiben are box meals made with ingredients and packages particular to a certain train station, railway line, or region. Thousands of varieties are sold across Japan. Eating ekiben is part of the fun of railway travel. Here we look at the five most popular ekiben in Japan.

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