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Speaking the Language of Medicine: Egyptian Physician Osama Ibrahim

Egyptian-born Osama Ibrahim came to Japan determined to earn his Japanese medical license and become a practicing ophthalmologist. To do this, however, he first had to overcome the language barrier by mastering Japanese. In this interview, he shares what brought him to Japan and the trials he faced in achieving his dream.

Leaving His Mark on an Ancient Art: Arabic Calligrapher Honda Kōichi

The art of Arabic calligraphy has been honed over more than a millennium, reaching an astounding level of artistic perfection. One renowned practitioner of the art today is Honda Kōichi, who first encountered Arabic calligraphy while working in the Middle East. We interviewed Honda to learn more about the art and how he has lent it a new vitality.

A Sumō Sandstorm Blows In from Egypt

Japan is now home to many sumō wrestlers from Mongolia and Eastern Europe, but there were none from the Middle East until 2011. That was the year that an Egyptian entered the sumō world, wrestling under the name Ōsunaarashi (“great sandstorm”). In our exclusive interview with this up-and-coming talent, we find out what has fueled his sumō ambitions.

Toward Greater Human Responsibilities and Rights

HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal has for many years facilitated understanding between the various nations that make up the region of West Asia and North Africa . At the 2012 WANA Forum, held in his native Jordan, he sat down with former Japanese diplomat Nishimura Mutsuyoshi to discuss the problems and potential of the region.

Japanese Studies in the Arab World

The Department of Japanese and Japanese Literature at Cairo University is a major center for Japanese studies in the Arab world and has produced many of the region’s Japanese scholars and Japan specialists. We talked to the head of the program about the state of Japanese studies in the Arab world today.

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