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Construction Tops Pay Ranking for Japan’s Listed Companies

The average annual salary at 2,681 listed companies in Japan rose by 0.6% to ¥5.99 million in 2017.

The Lingering Effects of Japan’s “Employment Ice Age”Genda Yūji

The cohort of young people who left university and attempted to enter the workforce during the decade-long slump that hit the Japanese economy from the late 1990s are now in their forties—normally the prime working years of a person’s career. But many of these survivors of the “employment ice age” struggled to get a foot on the career ladder immediately after graduation, and still face low pay and dim career prospects today. Stagnant consumption among this demographic has widespread knock-on effects, and is hampering efforts to revitalize the wider economy. The debate about finding a comprehensive solution to this problem needs to start now—before it is too late.

Most International Students Opt to Stay in Japan After Graduation

A survey of international students shows that around three-quarters of those attending universities, graduate schools, vocational colleges, and similar educational institutions plan to remain in Japan after graduation to seek employment or pursue a higher degree.

Working Japanese Women Still Handle Most of the Housework

Despite a rise in female employees, housework remains primarily “women’s work” in Japan.

2018 Sees Record Number of Japanese Employees Working on the Side

A growing number of Japanese workers are supplementing their main income.

Level of Nonregular Employment Remains High in Japan at 37.3%

More than a third of the Japanese workforce is working in nonregular positions. Factors underlying this situation include the increasing number of older people who become contract or temporary workers after retirement.

Japan Sees Paternity Leave Rate Among Civil Servants Rise (News)

Tokyo, Jan. 5 (Jiji Press)—An increasing number of male national civil servants in Japan are taking child care leave as government agencies have been promoting a change in consciousness among supervisory staff members. The proportion of those who took child care leave stood at 8.2% of all eligible male workers at government agencies in fiscal 2016, which ended in March last year, up 2.7 percent…

Number of Company Workers with Disabilities in Japan Hits New High (News)

Tokyo, Dec. 12 (Jiji Press)—The number of people with disabilities working for private-sector companies in Japan this year hit a record high for the fourteenth straight year, the labor ministry said Tuesday. The number totaled 495,795 as of June 1, up 4.5% from a year before. The share of such workers in the overall workforce posted a record for the sixth consecutive year, rising 0.05 percen…

Islands of Solitude: A Psychiatrist’s View of the “Hikikomori”Sekiguchi Hiroshi

Some estimate that up to 1 million people have withdrawn from society in Japan and are living holed up in their rooms. A psychiatrist who has worked with these recluses and their families for many years presents a first-hand view of what their lives are really like.

Tax to Be Cut by Up to 20% for Firms Increasing Wages (News)

Tokyo, Dec. 11 (Jiji Press)—Japan's government and ruling bloc are in the final stages of talks on a plan to cut corporate tax by up to 20% for companies that increase wages, as part of measures to support their efforts for boosting productivity, informed sources said Monday. The plan will cover large companies that increase pay by 3% or more year on year per worker and small firms offering hik…

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