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People’s Honor Award Recipients

The Japanese prime minister presents the People’s Honor Award in recognition of the accomplishments of individuals in sport, entertainment, and other fields. Established in 1977, the award has gone to 24 recipients so far.

Five Japanese Albums from the 1970sNippon.com Staff

Not a top-five list, and not meant to be definitive in any way, but here are five albums that hit Japan’s record stores—and its charts—in the 1970s. Listen and enjoy! Translating roughly as “Windy City Romance,” weather is a theme that runs through several of the tracks on Happy End’s folk rock classic, including “Kaze o atsumete” (Gather the Wind), which featured on the Lost in Translation sou…

Teresa Teng: An Asian Idol Loved in JapanHirano Kumiko

Last year marked the twentieth anniversary of the death of Teresa Teng, an Asian pop legend who won fame in Japan with a string of hits. Teng was only 42 when she suffered a fatal asthma attack in 1995 while at a holiday resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In Japan her songs remain as popular as ever on karaoke rankings and almost 3 million of her CDs and DVDs have been sold in the country since she…


Roppongi is an area of varied appeal with art, nightlife, green spaces, and shopping drawing a wide range of visitors.

Yano Kōji: The Japanese Actor Who’s Big in China

Actor Yano Kōji is one of the most popular Japanese people in China. After starting his career with repeated roles as Japanese soldiers in World War II dramas, he diversified into other roles and appears regularly on a popular Chinese variety show. Now he plans to return to Japan, but still wants to maintain a link with his Chinese fans.

Manga Cafés

In Japan, the home of manga, fans can read all the comics they like while enjoying drinks or snacks at the country's manga cafés.


Pachinko is big business in Japan, with thousands of halls and parlors nationwide. The pinball variant exploits a legal loophole to offer players the thrill of gambling for money, but competition from other forms of entertainment is chipping away at its long-term popularity.

Asakusa Samba Carnival’s Dance Extravaganza (Video)

The Asakusa Samba Carnival has grown from modest beginnings in 1981 to become one of Asia’s largest summer festivals, attracting 500,000 spectators each year. With about 4,000 participants in 18 teams, the competition is fierce and passionate.                    

“Rakugo” (The Art of Storytelling)

“Rakugo” storytelling dates back to the Edo period (1603–1868) and remains popular today. The often comic monologues rely on the skill of the teller, rather than scenery or complex props.

“Attack on Titan” Invades Movie Theaters: An Interview with Director Higuchi Shinji

International manga smash Attack on Titan is now a live-action film that offers moviegoers a blend of traditional Japanese physical special effects and digital technology. The leader of this huge project, director Higuchi Shinji, reveals how he and his team went about transforming the world of the manga into live-action cinema.

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