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Japan to Put Virtual Currency Exchanges under Surveillance (News)

Tokyo, Sept. 24 (Jiji Press)--Japan's Financial Services Agency will put virtual currency exchanges operating in the country under full surveillance from October, officials have said. The FSA will monitor whether the exchanges for Bitcoin and other digital currencies have appropriate internal systems, including ones to protect customer assets. If necessary, the agency will carry out on-site ins…

The Barriers to Budget Balance in JapanOkazaki Tetsuji

Despite the crisis-level size of its public debt, Japan continues to run large deficits financed by additional borrowing. Economic historian Okazaki Tetsuji examines the barriers to restoring health in government finances.

Japan and the Geopolitics of the Shale RevolutionTaniguchi Tomohiko

The “shale revolution” offers the promise of energy independence for the United States and another energy option for Japan in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. But Taniguchi Tomohiko argues that it could also have perilous repercussions—political as well as economic—for which Japan must prepare itself by “thinking about the unthinkable.”

Asia Diplomacy in President Obama’s Second TermSuzuki Yoshikatsu

During their first term in office, US presidents have a tendency to focus on reelection. In their second term, they begin to think about their future place in history. President Barack Obama is unlikely to be an exception in this respect, although as the nation’s first black president his name is already written in the history books. His administration faces a number of domestic issues, many of wh…

China’s Excess of Capital: Causes and ConsequencesKajitani Kai

Although China was an engine for global growth in the aftermath of the Lehman bankruptcy, recently there have been fears that the engine may be stalling. Kajitani Kai argues that an excessive accumulation of capital has produced bubbles and disparities, and that the restraint of this accumulation is a key issue for the Xi Jinping administration.

Direct Yen-Yuan Trading Gets UnderwayTsuyuguchi Yōsuke

Direct yen-yuan trading began in June 2012 on foreign exchange markets in Japan and China. Tsuyuguchi Yōsuke, a former Bank of Japan official now serving as senior advisory officer of Shinkin Central Bank, explains why this trading began, how it works, and where it is headed.

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