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“Mottainai!” Japan Wastes Around 6.5 Million Tons of Food Per Year

Every day the average amount of food thrown out by a Japanese person could fill up an entire rice bowl. This food waste stands in contradiction to Japan’s low food self-sufficiency rate of 40%.

Japan Fishery Production Halved in 30 Years

According to the 2017 White Paper on Fisheries, while the world’s fishery production has doubled in size over the last 30 years, Japan’s production has more than halved.

Japanese Lose Their Taste for Rice

Over the last 50 years, consumption of rice, the main staple in Japanese people’s diets, has halved.

“Depachika”: Japan’s Basement-Level Food Markets

Depachika are markets located on the basement level of department stores. These popular shopping destinations offer a wide variety of ready-to-eat foods like side dishes, bentō, and sweets, along with fresh ingredients such as meat and fish.

White Paper Reveals Many Japanese Eat Alone

A growing number of Japanese people are living and eating alone.

Cooking Up a Storm: Making Meals in a Japanese Rice Staff

Buying a Japanese automatic rice cooker may be the best culinary investment a person can make. Aside from simmering up perfectly cooked rice, these versatile gadgets can also knock out an array of gastronomic delights like fluffy desserts and hearty mealtime staples. Simply mix the ingredients in the pot and the appliance does all the work. Having previously explored the world of rice cooker pa…

Andō Momofuku: An Inventor Who Used His Noodle to Change Global Food Culture

Instant ramen: just add hot water and you have a meal in a few minutes, anytime, anywhere. The product had its beginnings with Chicken Ramen by Nissin Foods, invented by Andō Momofuku in a backyard workshop. National broadcaster NHK’s morning serial Manpuku, slated for broadcast beginning in autumn 2018, recounts the ups and downs of Andō’s life and his indomitable originality.

The Tasty, Affordable Joys of “Oden”

Once a way for common citizens to warm themselves through winter, oden is now sold all year round at convenience stores. This article introduces the most popular ingredients.

Japanese Fascination with Olympic Curling “Snack Time” is Gold-Medal Win for Hokkaidō Cheesecake Maker (Japan in Photos)

(© Jiji) (© The Japanese women’s curling team nibble on strawberries and other snacks during the halftime break of their Olympic match against Sweden on February 19 in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Japanese eagerly following the team’s bronze-medal performance at the Games were captivated by the mid-match respite, dubbing it “snack time” for the various treats team members were see…

”Buri”: A Wintertime Culinary Delight

Buri (yellowtail) is a fish found only in the seas surrounding Japan. While wild buri is a wintertime delicacy, cultivated varieties can now be consumed in the summer and fall as well thanks to advances in aquaculture. Buri also lies at the heart of a longstanding culinary tradition and ranks alongside maguro (tuna) and salmon as a popular food fish in Japan.

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