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Nakasone Attempted to Broker China-South Korea Rapprochement (News)

Tokyo, Dec. 20 (Jiji Press)—Then Japanese Prime Minister Nakasone Yasuhiro attempted to mediate the normalization of diplomatic ties between China and South Korea when he met in 1986 with Hu Yaobang, the Communist Party of China's leader at the time, according to Japanese diplomatic documents released on Wednesday. But Hu showed a negative attitude toward the proposed rapprochement with Seoul d…

The Northern Territories Dispute: Is a Breakthrough in the Offing?Satō Masaru

A day before his September 2 summit with President Putin, Prime Minister Abe set up a new ministerial post to handle economic ties with Russia. Japan hopes that deeper economic ties will pave the way for a resolution of the bilateral dispute over four Russia-held islands off Hokkaidō. Russian expert Satō Masaru examines the likelihood of a breakthrough in negotiations in the lead-up to the December Japan-Russia summit in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

The Age of Public Diplomacy: From Enmity to Amity

The first discussion session focused on “The Importance of Public Diplomacy.” The panelists looked at public diplomacy in Japan today through the lens of a comparison with diplomatic policy in postwar Germany. The moderator was Andrew Horvat, invited professor at Jōsai International University.

A More Confident Japan in a Strong Alliance: Michael Green Speaks

The international scene in East Asia remains fluid, but the new government in place in Tokyo is showing an energetic approach to economic policy and a more stable hand on the tiller of diplomacy. We spoke to the international affairs expert Michael Green about his views on Japanese politics and the country’s place in the regional and global picture.

Wanted: An Externally Oriented Japan

Under Prime Minister Abe Shinzō, Japan is charting a more confident course, although one more troubling to some of its neighbors. We spoke with veteran international relations specialist Kent Calder about recent developments and the prospects for Japan’s public diplomacy.

Examining Japan’s Africa Policy Through TICAD VEndō Mitsugi

In June 2013 the city of Yokohama will host the fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development. African studies specialist Endō Mitsugi looks at the TICAD process, now in its twentieth year, for hints to Japan’s diplomatic approach to the dynamic continent.

The Need to Increase Japan’s ODA Spending on HealthKanamori Sayako

Approximately $150 billion is spent on government-funded official development assistance in the developing world each year. The largest single donor country is the United States, which spends $28.3 billion every year. Japan’s annual ODA budget is about $15.6 billion a year.(*1) But this is equivalent to just 1% of the total government budget and Japanese spending on ODA (from the general account o…

Three Ways to Boost Japan’s Diplomatic PR Power—For (Almost) Nothing!Taniguchi Tomohiko

“Japanese diplomacy lacks clout. We’re failing to make ourselves heard in the international community.” How many times have I heard these and similar complaints in the course of 2012? A look at our neighbors only underlines the feebleness of Japan’s efforts. Last year China’s Xinhua news agency bought advertising space in New York’s Times Square, while a lecture hall in the Woodrow Wilson School a…

Getting to the Heart of the Osprey ControversyTatsumi Yuki

Objections from some in Japan meant that plans to deploy the latest “Osprey” transport aircraft to a US base in Japan were delayed by two months. The objections focused on safety issues—but what was the real nature of the debate? Stimson Center Senior Associate Tatsumi Yuki reports.

Making the Most of Cultural DiplomacyWatanabe Hirotaka

In December 2011 I was invited to be a panelist at a Paris symposium on cultural diplomacy hosted by the Institut français, a new organization that is expected to play a central role in France’s cultural diplomacy. The Institut français came into being early in 2011 following the merger of CultureFrance, an organ of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, with the external relations and cultura…

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