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Putting Fido Through His Paces: The World’s First Pedometer for Dogs

Fujitsu has developed the world’s very first dog pedometer, “Wandant.” (The name is a punning reference to “wan,” the sound Japanese dogs supposedly make when they bark.) The pendant-style pedometer attaches to the dog’s collar and, in conjunction with cloud computing, helps owners to monitor exercise and look after their dogs' health.

Kōshinsha—At the Forefront of “Extreme Counting” Technology

Kōshinsha is a Kyoto-based manufacturer of highly accurate counting devices called Digital Area Counters. Here we look at how the company is bringing innovative technology solutions to the most challenging counting tasks.

Dai Nippon Printing Branches Out into Regenerative Medicine

Dai Nippon Printing, a leader in the printing industry, is now applying its technologies in the field of regenerative medicine and other areas of life science. Despite the differences between these realms, they have a surprising number of points in common.

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