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The Plight of Japan’s Single MothersAkaishi Chieko

The number of single mothers in Japan is on the rise, and half of all fatherless families fall below the poverty line. Akaishi Chieko shines a light on a segment of Japanese society in which the old problem of gender discrimination converges with the new problem of growing poverty and income inequality.

Japanese Women Face Tough Reality in Work and MarriageKawaguchi Akira

Despite much-trumpeted policies aiming to encourage female participation in the workforce, Japanese women must contend with both an economic gender gap and the gap between their aspirations and the reality for careers and marriage. Gender studies specialist Kawaguchi Akira assembles a range of data to analyze the situation for women in Japan today.

Can “Womenomics” Save the Japanese Economy?

Prime Minister Abe Shinzō has placed women-centered policies at the heart of his “Abenomics” growth strategy. While Japanese women have begun playing a larger role in the labor force, they still lag far behind their counterparts in other developed countries, especially when it comes to leadership positions. Abe hopes to reinvigorate the economy by unleashing the power of "womenomics."

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