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30% Planning to Vote for LDP in October 22 Election: Jiji Poll (News)

Tokyo, Oct. 13 (Jiji Press)—A Jiji Press survey found Friday that 30.7% of voters are planning to vote for Prime Minister Abe Shinzō's Liberal Democratic Party in the proportional representation blocs of the October 22 House of Representatives election. Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko's Party of Hope came second with support from 11.8%, according to the survey, conducted nationwide for four days th…

DP to Unite with Koike’s New Party to Fight Ruling Bloc in Coming Poll (News)

Tokyo, Sept. 27 (Jiji Press)—Democratic Party leader Maehara Seiji has made up his mind to have the main Japanese opposition party effectively unite with a new party led by popular Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko, in a bid to defeat Prime Minister Abe Shinzō's ruling coalition in the upcoming general election, it was learned on Wednesday. The House of Representatives, the all-important lower chambe…

Koike’s New Party Seeks to “Reset Japan” (News)

Tokyo, Sept. 27 (Jiji Press)—Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko said Wednesday Kibō no Tō (party of hope), a new political party headed by her, will aim to "reset Japan" with bold reforms and politics not constrained by vested interests. "I'm launching Kibō no Tō in order to reset Japan," Koike told a press conference to mark her party's establishment. "Now is the time to be bold and carry out politic…

Ambivalent Mandate for the Abe CabinetTakenaka Harukata

Was the ruling coalition’s landslide in the recent general election a sweeping mandate for Prime Minister Abe’s economic policies, as the government has claimed? Political scientist Takenaka Harukata suggests otherwise, arguing that voter support for the status quo rests on disillusionment with the opposition and uncertainty about the long-term success of “Abenomics.”

Election 2012: The People’s Verdict, Abe’s AgendaShiraishi Takashi

On December 16 Japan held a general election for the House of Representatives, the lower house of the National Diet. As had been expected, the Liberal Democratic Party, which lost power three years ago, emerged victorious this time. The LDP achieved a sweeping victory, taking 294 of the 480 seats in the chamber. Adding the 31 seats won by the New Kōmeitō, its long-time ally, gives a total of 325, …

Results for the December 2012 General Election

The forty-sixth lower house general election took place on December 16, 2012. The Liberal Democratic Party achieved a sweeping victory, securing 294 seats and taking over government from the Democratic Party of Japan, which managed only 57 seats.

Why Noda Decided to Call an ElectionTakenaka Harukata

On November 16 Prime Minister Noda Yoshihiko dissolved the House of Representatives; a general election will be held on December 16. Many readers may wonder why he took that step at this time. After all, public support for Noda’s cabinet and his Democratic Party of Japan is languishing at a very low level. Opinion polls conducted by the major newspapers shortly before the announcement show that th…

Can Japan’s Economy and Politics Withstand a Heavier Burden?Yasui Takayuki

Japan’s mountains of public debt cannot be resolved without increasing the burden on ordinary taxpayers. But how? Finding a way to do this without upsetting the electorate is the major political and economic challenge for Japan in the first half of 2012. The road ahead will not be easy. The fiscal crisis engulfing the world’s leading economies, sparked by the crisis in the euro zone, is threateni…

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