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Japan Spends Record ¥42.2 Trillion on Healthcare in 2017

Healthcare expenditures in Japan continue to rise amid a graying population.

Japanese Encouraged to Wear Sneakers to Work (News)

Tokyo, Oct. 3 (Jiji Press)—The Japan Sports Agency will encourage people to wear sneakers to work as part of a new project aimed at promoting exercise among the working population in their twenties to forties. Under the project, starting next March, the agency plans to work together with businesses and local governments to encourage people to walk 8,000 steps a day. "Sport is not just about …

Universities to Conduct Survey on Longevity in Northern Kyoto (News)

Kyoto, Aug. 18 (Jiji Press)--Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine and Hirosaki University will launch a health survey in the Tango district in northern Kyoto Prefecture, western Japan, to study the longevity of residents there. The two universities will compare the survey results with data taken from similar surveys on residents in the northeastern prefecture of Aomori, which has the shorte…

Hitachi Develops New Tech for Detecting Breast Cancer (News)

Tokyo, May 24 (Jiji Press)—Japanese electronics giant Hitachi Ltd. said Wednesday it has developed a new technology that detects breast cancer by beaming ultrasonic waves at the breasts from 360º. The new technology can identify breast cancer in young women with high accuracy compared with one-way ultrasonography or mammography, company officials said.

Step by Step: New Walking Rehabilitation Robot Holds Promise for Aging Population (Japan in Photos)

Toyota on April 12, 2017, unveiled a robot developed in cooperation with Fujita Health University that assists in rehabilitation efforts of people who have suffered strokes or have other medical conditions that impair their ability to walk. Rentals of machines to medical treatment facilities are expected to begin in September of this year. Japan is increasingly looking to robots, a field where…

Antibody Confirmed Effective in Easing Atopic Itch (News)

Kyoto, March 2 (Jiji Press)—An international clinical trial has confirmed that an antibody developed by Japan's Chūgai Pharmaceutical Co. substantially eases itching caused by atopic dermatitis, a research team said Thursday. An application for approval of a new drug based on the antibody, nemolizumab, will be submitted to the Japanese health ministry as early as 2019, after the team completes …

The Challenges of Medical Big DataTsukasaki Asako

How can the wealth of clinical data being amassed at hospitals across Japan every day be effectively analyzed and harnessed to improve the quality of medical care and cut medical costs? Journalist Tsukasaki Asako delves into the front lines of such efforts.

The Need to Increase Japan’s ODA Spending on HealthKanamori Sayako

Approximately $150 billion is spent on government-funded official development assistance in the developing world each year. The largest single donor country is the United States, which spends $28.3 billion every year. Japan’s annual ODA budget is about $15.6 billion a year.(*1) But this is equivalent to just 1% of the total government budget and Japanese spending on ODA (from the general account o…

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