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Top Tempura Chef Kondō Fumio

In Japan, the name Kondō Fumio is practically synonymous with tempura. Food-lovers from all over the world flock to his Tokyo restaurant, Tempura Kondō, to savor the dishes that have earned the establishment two Michelin stars. We interviewed Kondō about the creativity that has won him his faithful following.

The Elegance of the New Year Table (Photos)Uzawa Akihiko (Photographer)

Osechi ryōri cuisine is one of the highlights of traditional Japanese New Year celebrations. Every December, Kondō Fumio, proprietor of a Michelin-starred restaurant in Tokyo, spends 20 days preparing an elaborate osechi banquet. On New Year’s Eve, he brings it to the home of his late mentor, the novelist and gourmet Ikenami Shōtarō.

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