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Hosoya Yuichi
Margaret Thatcher: The Iron Lady and JapanHosoya Yuichi

Although Margaret Thatcher kept a low profile during her final years, as she struggled with Alzheimer’s, media fascination with her life continued to keep her name in the public eye—not least in Japan, where the Iron Lady biopic was a big hit after its release in March 2012. Her death on April 8, 2013, at the age of 87, was a major news story in the Japanese media, more than 20 years after her tim…

Why Japanese Politics Is at a StandstillTakenaka Harukata

In recent years, the problem of a “divided government,” in which the ruling party or coalition lacks a sufficient majority in either chamber of the Diet to get laws passed, has brought antagonism between the main parties to boiling point and paralyzed the political process. One of the main reasons for this sorry state of affairs is the role played in the Japanese political system by the House of Councillors. Professor Takenaka Harutaka provides the background.

Inertia and Drive in the DPJ’s Security PolicyHosoya Yuichi

Beginning with its bungled handling of the relocation of Futenma air base, the DPJ administration installed in 2009 has shown confusion about how to handle foreign affairs and national security policy. But it has also made some progress. Keiō University Professor Hosoya Yuichi reviews the problems and the signs of change.

Breaking Away from Indecisive PoliticsHosoya Yuichi

In his policy speech given to launch the plenary session of the House of Representatives on January 24, Prime Minister Noda Yoshihiko stated: “As this year should be ‘the First Year for the Rebirth of Japan,’ I will aim, above everything else, to break away from ‘the politics that can’t decide.’” This was a significant pronouncement. Traditionally Japan’s prime ministers have used their policy spe…

Japan in Search of a New International IdentityHosoya Yuichi

Two decades have passed since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Amid the enormous changes that have occurred since then, Japan has been seeking to forge a new identity for its foreign policy. This article is the first in a series that will examine the course of Japanese diplomacy during the post–Cold War era.

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