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Japanese Win Ig Nobel Prize for Finding Insect with Sex-Reversed Genitals (News)

New York, Sept. 14 (Jiji Press)—A team of Japanese and other researchers won this year's Ig Nobel Biology Prize on Thursday for discovering an insect with sex-reversed genitals. The Japanese researchers include Hokkaidō University Associate Professor Yoshizawa Kazunori and Keiō University Associate Professor Kamimura Yoshitaka. Their winning of the Ig Nobel Prize marked the 11th straight yea…

Japan’s Ig Nobel Prize Winners Show Path of Scientific Progress Is Not Always StraightShimizu Masatoshi

By highlighting humorous scientific research, the Ig Nobel Prize aims to make people laugh and then to make them think. Japanese scientists are regularly among the winners. Where do their ideas come from, and what is the point of their seemingly useless research?

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