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Survey Shows Japanese Largely Satisfied—Except, Perhaps, About IncomesTobias Harris

Japan’s cabinet secretariat conducts an annual large-scale survey to assess what individuals think of their quality of life. The survey provides a useful snapshot of the context in which the government conducts economic policymaking. It asks citizens to identify the extent to which they are content with pocketbook issues—their incomes and savings—and more abstract concepts like leisure time and op…

The Plight of Japan’s Single MothersAkaishi Chieko

The number of single mothers in Japan is on the rise, and half of all fatherless families fall below the poverty line. Akaishi Chieko shines a light on a segment of Japanese society in which the old problem of gender discrimination converges with the new problem of growing poverty and income inequality.

Wang Haibo Discusses the Economic Future of China and Japan

The following article is based on a speech made by Wang Haibo, a prominent Chinese economist and honorary member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Wang describes the reasons for his view that there is a bright future ahead for relations between Japan and China.

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