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Japan’s Past Strides in Technology: Preserving Key Records for PosterityKamei Osamu

The National Museum of Nature and Science maintains a list of “Essential Historical Materials for Science and Technology,” each year registering important technologies that have had major impacts in the history of science and daily life and should be conveyed to future generations. Here we introduce selected entries that highlight Japan’s achievements as a nation of technology.

The NSX: Honda’s Global SupercarIkehara Teruo

Honda has begun taking orders for the new NSX in Japan for the first time in 10 years. While the original NSX was produced in Japan, this second-generation model is built to order at a specialized manufacturing facility in the United States, the NSX’s largest market. The development and production chiefs are both non-Japanese engineers who carry on the Honda spirit.

Timeline for April 2016

The retail electricity market opens up, the G7 foreign ministers gather in Hiroshima, and Kumamoto is rocked by earthquakes. All these and more are the top stories for Japan in April 2016.

Industrial Strength 3D Printers: Matsuura Machinery

Media worldwide have been focusing on the potential of 3D printing in recent years. One leader in the industrial use of this technology is Matsuura Machinery Corp., located in Fukui Prefecture. This article profiles the company and its new Lumex Avance-25 machine, which is revolutionizing the production of dies and molds.

Leading the World in Longevity: Japanese Firms in Business for a Century or MoreFunabashi Haruo

Japan is home to many businesses that are at least a century old, and many that are much older. Most are family firms that have been nurtured, developed, preserved, and passed on within a single clan. Funabashi Haruo, president of the Sirius Institute think tank, examines this phenomenon and the factors underlying it.

The Implications of the Japan-Taiwan Fisheries AgreementKawashima Shin

Japan and Taiwan have temporarily shelved territorial disputes over the Senkaku Islands in order to conclude a fisheries agreement. This is a positive step, but tensions remain. We analyze the main points in the agreement and consider future developments.

Sharing Japan with the WorldWatanabe Hirotaka

Japan’s pop culture has opened the door to worldwide appreciation of all of its rich culture. As culture becomes a driving force in both the country’s international image and its economy, the concept of cultural diplomacy and the creation of a system for its expression are more vital than ever.

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