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Time to Revise Japan’s Outdated Nationality ActTanno Kiyoto

The nationality law that Japan adopted in the nineteenth century, based on Western models, was progressive by contemporary standards. A new Nationality Act was adopted in 1950, and it has since been amended to provide complete gender equality. But Japan still does not accept dual nationality, which is now commonly allowed by other countries. The provisions should be updated in line with today’s international standards.

International Marriage in Japan: Trends in Nationality of Spouses

When it comes to international marriages, Japanese men tend to choose brides from Asian countries, particularly China and the Philippines. Japanese women, on the other hand, are more varied in selecting a foreign partner.

International Marriages in Japan Decline from 2006 Peak

International marriages peaked in 2006, but have declined considerably since then. Especially prominent is the massive drop in unions between Japanese husbands and Filipina wives.

Love and Faith in Japan: Three Stories of Japanese-Muslim Matrimony

The Muslim population in Japan is still relatively small, and most Japanese have only a basic understanding of Islam. Views of the religion are frequently tinted by stereotypes and negative images presented in the media, an issue that many Muslim residents and visitors find worrying. In this article we talk with three Japanese women who converted to Islam after marrying Muslim men.

Refusal of Child Return Order Under Hague Pact Ruled Illegal in Japan (News)

Tokyo, March 15 (Jiji Press)—Japan's Supreme Court ruled Thursday that it is illegal to refuse an order to return a child under the Hague treaty to settle cross-border custody disputes, unless under exceptional circumstances. The top court overturned a ruling by Nagoya High Court's Kanazawa branch, which dismissed a petition by a Japanese husband living in the United States requesting that his …

Embracing Each New Day: Marriage, Japanese-Egyptian Style

For our third installment on international marriage, we visit a Japanese and Egyptian couple living with their four children in Chiba Prefecture. Over nearly 15 years of marriage the pair, joined together in Islamic faith, have overcome language and culture differences and fled regional turmoil while working to build a bright future for their family.

Cross-Cultural Ties: Matrimony Through the Eyes of a Japanese and South Korean Couple

In our second installment on international marriage, we visit a Japanese and South Korean couple with two young daughters to catch a glimpse of their approach to romance and learn about their recipe for building a happy mixed-culture family.

Rushing to the Altar: International Newlyweds Set Out as Parents

In the first installment of our series on international marriage we sit down with Canadian and Japanese couple Corey and Ryō Procopio. The newlyweds share their hopes and fears about work, family, and a new life together as they set off down the road as both spouses and new parents.

A Look at International Marriage in Japan

The number of international marriages in Japan rose rapidly in the 1980s and 1990s, peaking at over 40,000 in 2006. Since then, the number has been decreasing, and now averages around 20,000 per year. Despite this decline, interest in international marriage remains strong in Japan, as reflected in popular books and TV programs.

“Hafu” Filmmaker Spotlights Bicultural Japan

The recent film Hafu documents the lives of five bicultural Japanese. spoke to one of the film’s two directors, Nishikura Megumi, to learn more about the film and the motivation behind it.

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