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The Early Morning Pitch: Weekly Forum Pairs Start-Ups with Business Partners

Just as Tokyo is waking up, Japan’s innovators are already hard at work, presenting their products and services to more than a hundred potential investors in a Shinjuku skyscraper. With Japan’s venture capital market expanding, the search is on for the next big idea that will take the world by storm.

Chinese Investors Not Dazzled by Japan’s Property MarketShida Kenzō

There has been much talk in Japan of a wave of rich Chinese investors buying up luxury condominiums in the Tokyo Bay area, and in response to this supposed demand there has been a mushrooming of Chinese-language real estate investment websites. The apparent aim has been to attract investment from China in the hope of reviving Japan’s real estate market, but so far the response from mainland invest…

Current Account Surpluses Likely to ContinueSatō Takehiro

Japan ran up a trade deficit in 2011 for the first time in 31 years. The current account, which includes the income account and other items, remained in the black, but its surplus shrank considerably. Satō Takehiro, chief economist for Japan at Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities, examines whether further trade deficits will push the current account into the red.

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