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Name Boards of Two Unmanned Stations in Hokkaidō Stolen (News)

Sapporo, Sept. 14 (Jiji Press)—The name boards of two unmanned stations in Hokkaidō, northernmost Japan, that are popular among railway enthusiasts as secluded stations, have been stolen. The host town of Horonobe in northern Hokkaidō has used the two stations—Onoppunai and Toikanbetsu on the Sōya Line of Hokkaidō Railway Co., or JR Hokkaidō—for regional revitalization. "It's a shame since t…

How Can Hokkaidō’s Troubled Rail System Survive?Kishi Kunihiro

The railway system of Hokkaidō is now in a critical state. The island prefecture’s population is shrinking, while car ownership has risen, causing train ridership to decline. Half of the existing rail network may be unsustainable. How should this problem be addressed?

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