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Japan Timeline
Timeline for January 2018

A volcano erupts in Gunma Prefecture, the Aum Shinrikyō trials end after more than 20 years, and Kyoto University admits falsification in an iPS cell research paper. These are the leading Japan-related stories of January 2018.

Timeline for December 2017

The date of Emperor Akihito’s abdication is fixed, NHK fees are ruled to be constitutional, and baby panda Shan Shan makes her public debut. A review of Japan’s news stories for December 2017.

Timeline for November 2017

President Trump comes to Japan, yokozuna Harumafuji retires, and a North Korean ICBM lands in the Japan Sea. A roundup of the top Japan-related stories of November 2017.

Timeline for October 2017

The Liberal Democratic Party wins a landslide victory in the lower house election, Japanese companies reveal improper work practices, and a US military helicopter crashes in Okinawa. These are the major Japan-related stories of October 2017.

Timeline for September 2017

Prime Minister Abe dissolves the Diet, Tokyo Governor Koike launches a new national party, Princess Mako is informally engaged, and Kiryū Yoshihide runs 100 meters in under 10 seconds. These are the stories that made headlines in September 2017.

Timeline for August 2017

North Korea fires a missile over Hokkaidō, Prime Minister Abe reshuffles his cabinet, and Toyota and Mazda enter a business and capital alliance. Look back at the major stories of August 2017.

Timeline for July 2017

The Liberal Democratic Party loses heavily in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election, Japan and the European Union reach a deal on a broad framework for an economic partnership agreement, and Okinoshima is named as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here are the top Japan news stories for July 2017.

Timeline for June 2017

Abdication and anticonspiracy legislation is passed and shōgi prodigy Fujii Sōta sets a new record for consecutive victories. These were Japan’s leading stories in June 2017.

Timeline for May 2017

Princess Mako’s engagement is announced, Prime Minister Abe faces scrutiny over accusations of using his influence inappropriately, and anticonspiracy legislation makes it through the lower house. These are the top Japanese news stories of May 2017.

Timeline for April 2017

Imamura Masahiro resigns as minister for reconstruction, the abdication advisory panel presents its final report, and Asada Mao retires from figure skating. These are the leading news stories from April 2017.

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