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Addressing the Problems with Japan’s Peculiar Employment SystemHamaguchi Keiichirō

Japanese companies have cut back sharply on their recruitment of regular employees to be permanent members of their organizations, forcing many people to rely on nonregular employment. An expert on labor policy calls for the introduction of a job-based system of regular employment, distinct from the existing membership-based system, which is seen only in Japan.

The Diversity Deficit: How Japanese Corporate Recruitment Has Failed to Move with the TimesYasui Takayuki

Crowds of young people, somewhat ill-at-ease in their matching black suits, are a common sight at this time of year in the business districts of Tokyo. The height of the spring recruitment season is upon us again, and another batch of young hopefuls is on the hunt for job offers that will see them enter the workforce in April 2013. But in the tough economic climate that has prevailed since the L…

Higher Education and the Japanese DiseaseKariya Takehiko

In an age calling for an increasingly globalized workforce, there is widespread alarm about declining standards in the Japanese education sector. Where do the problems lie? Kariya Takehiko, a sociology professor who has taught at universities in Japan and England, analyzes the current situation.

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