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Words to Worry About: The Danger of Media Bias in OkinawaRobert D. Eldridge

A great public debate has erupted recently about the role of the media in Japan: the nation as a whole, more broadly, and specifically about the plight of the “embattled” Okinawan media. In fact, though, the local media in Okinawa is very much at the center and in many cases the cause of this controversy, due to its biased reporting and something I call “miss-information.” Biased reporting is of …

Has the World’s Media Lost Its Appetite for Japan?

Amid the rise of China and the ongoing woes of the global newspaper industry, the foreign media’s approach to Japan appears to be changing. But despite a perception that attention has moved away from this country in a reflection of its declining importance, a strong interest in many aspects of the Japanese experience remains.

Newspaper Circulation in Japan: Still High but Steadily Falling

Amid a global decline in the print media, the immense market share and influence traditionally commanded by Japan’s domestic dailies are also beginning to come under threat. What does the future hold for Japan’s newspapers?

Online Media in Japan: Can the Huffington Approach Succeed?Ōtani Kōta

My previous article looked at how election campaigns in Japan have entered the Internet age, and concluded by emphasizing the key role of online media in conveying the messages of politicians to voters. The Internet provides a constant stream of information, most of which is instantly buried and goes unnoticed. Voters have a hard time picking up relevant information, so the media needs to help wit…

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