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JR East Unveils All-Suite Deluxe Sleeper Train Before Debut in Spring

Nikko, Tochigi Pref., Dec. 5 (Jiji Press)—East Japan Railway Co., or JR East, unveiled Monday a luxury sleeper train the company plans launch in May next year. In a champagne gold livery, the deluxe Train Suite Shiki-Shima comprises 10 cars, including a diner, a lounge car, and a glass-walled dome car. The crew of JR East's new luxury sleeper train Shiki-Shima pose at Nikkō Station following…

Bye-Bye Blue Train: Japan’s Iconic Sleepers Give Way to “Cruise Trains”Tsuchiya Takeyuki

Japan’s iconic blue sleeper trains once crisscrossed the country, serving as a popular mode of transportation. But now only a handful are still running. In their place, “cruise trains” like the luxurious Nanatsuboshi in Kyūshū have begun to appear on the scene. Train buff Tsuchiya Takeyuki takes a look at the dramatic transformation of Japan’s sleeper trains, which mirrors the earlier change in the role of ocean liners.

Tokyo Station Becomes a Screen of Dreams

Some 10,000 people came to revel in the dream world of “Tokyo Station Vision”—a sound and light show projected onto the newly restored brick building of Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Station: Modern Convenience in a Historical Setting

The iconic red-brick façade of Tokyo Station’s Marunouchi Building is one of the capital’s most beloved landmarks. A major renovation project has recently restored the building to its original glory for the first time since the war. At the luxurious Tokyo Station Hotel inside the station building, special displays allow visitors to experience a taste of the station’s history as they enjoy the hotel’s unparalleled modern conveniences.

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