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Japan Government Paper Highlights Long Overtime at Trucking Business (News)

Tokyo, Oct. 6 (Jiji Press)--A Japanese government white paper on Friday showed that 6.6% of trucking businesses see their average drivers' monthly overtime exceeding 80 hours, the key threshold from which overwork-induced death is said to increase. Trucking companies said drivers work long hours primarily because shipping clients make them wait, according to the annual paper on preventive measu…

NHK Discloses Female Reporter’s Overwork Death (News)

Tokyo, Oct. 4 (Jiji Press)—Japan Broadcasting Corp., or NHK, revealed Wednesday that Sado Miwa, a female reporter in Tokyo, died due to overwork in July 2013. The direct cause of the death of the 31-year-old reporter at the metropolitan broadcasting center was congestive heart failure. In May 2014, labor standards authorities determined it was overwork-related death, NHK said. According to t…

Dentsu to Face Formal Trial over Illegal Overtime (News)

Tokyo, July 12 (Jiji Press)—The Tokyo Summary Court decided Wednesday to put Dentsu Inc. on formal trial in a high-profile illegal overtime case. On July 5, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office brought a summary indictment against the Japanese advertising giant on charges of violating the labor standards law. But the court judged the prosecutors' action to only demand a fine was inappro…

Confronting “Karōshi”: Actions to Prevent Death from OverworkKawahito Hiroshi

In response to the highly publicized suicide of a young employee at advertising giant Dentsu, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare in December 2016 released emergency guidelines aimed at preventing karōshi, or death by overwork. As the issue attracts greater official attention, Japan must examine the factors that have made excessive overtime so pervasive and consider steps to protect employees from the health risks of overwork.

60% of Junior High Teachers Hit Overwork Death Threshold (News)

Tokyo, April 28 (Jiji Press)—About 60% of teachers at public junior high schools in Japan worked at least 60 hours per week in fiscal 2016, beyond the dividing line used by the state for determining death from overwork, an education ministry survey revealed Friday. Compared with the previous survey conducted for fiscal 2006, work hours went up for all job titles at public elementary and junior …

Case Advances Against Dentsu, Branch Execs for Illegal Overtime (News)

Tokyo, April 25 (Jiji Press)—Japanese labor authorities on Tuesday sent prosecutors papers on leading advertising agency Dentsu Inc. and executives of three regional branches for allegedly forcing some employees at the branches to work illegally long hours. By forwarding the evidence gathered in investigations to date, the authorities have prepared prosecutors to file formal charges against the co…

Japan’s First “Karōshi” White Paper

On October 7, the Japanese government published its first karōshi white paper, assessing the problem of death by overwork. It reveals that at one in five companies, employees risk seriously damaging their health by doing over 80 hours overtime per month.

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