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Cherry Blossoms Reach Full Bloom in Western Japan’s Kōchi

Tokyo, March 19 (Jiji Press)—A somei-yoshino cherry tree monitored in the western Japan city of Kōchi came into full bloom on Monday, the Japan Metrological Agency said. The tree, located at the premises of Kōchi Castle, started flowering on Thursday, the earliest among all cherry trees being observed in Japan this spring. It is also the earliest full bloom for any somei-yoshino tree under moni…

Soaking and Seasoning: The Aromatic Pleasures of “Yuzu”

The yuzu, or Japanese citron, is prized for its fragrance and is used to enhance a variety of cuisine, from sushi to sauces and sautés. The fruit is also a frequent addition to bathwater, where its warming properties and gentle scent soothe winter bathers.

Rice from the Mountainside

The top award for the Best Rice competition in 2010 went to a little-known name rather than a nationally established brand. We spoke with the producers of the rice—Tosa Tenkū no Sato Nikomaru, or “Nikomaru of Tosa, Home of the Heavens”—which is grown on terraced paddies in the mountains of Kōchi Prefecture.

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